Car Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance that you do in a bid to minimize the possibility of any sudden breakdown of any part of the car is called car preventive maintenance. Just by following a few car preventive maintenance tips, you can not only keep your pockets safe from the heavy workshop bills but can also increases the life of your car, substantially.

Changing Engine oil: – The engine oil keeps the components of a car engine lubricated and keeps it safe from overheating. But the car engine oil tends to lose its lubrication after a long use, and thus, it needs to be changed with the newer one.

Battery: – Battery is no doubt an important component of car’s ignition system as when battery goes dead, the car just refuse to move. Thus, a regular maintenance of the car battery is must. Besides maintaining the battery fluid to its recommended level, a car owner should clean the battery terminals on a quarterly basis, as the corroded and dirty terminals cause an early discharge and decrease battery life. Generally, a car battery lives for 3 to 4 years duration if maintained properly. Also, to be on safer side while leaving for a longer journey, one should make sure that car battery is fully charged and functioning properly.

Brakes: – Brakes are the center point of a car’s safety system and come in handy on a regular basis. If not maintained timely and properly, the worn-out brakes can cause a severe damage the whole braking system. Same as the battery fluid, the brake fluids should be checked a fortnight basis.

Others: – The other essential component that need to be checked and maintained by a car owner on a regular basis include air filter, exhaust, belts, hoses, tyres, oil filter and wiper bladed. 

These car preventive maintenance tips not only fall very essential in enhancing the longevity of a car but also prove very handy in decreasing the overall expenditure on the car maintenance

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