Did you know, there’s an entire population of unwanted gifts living unfulfilled lives and clogging up storage. No gift likes to be shelved, left to rot in some dark and lonely storage unit, lost to the world and a meaningful connection with its owner.

Knitted cheesy jumpers deserve to be worn, action man heroes should be saving the earth from invaders, toy cars should be adorned by little boy-racers, dolls deserve to be perked-up on plastic toy seats and sucking down imaginary Darjeeling. All neckties regardless of colour and design… there is a shirt somewhere in this city who will love you for who you are.

So this year we’re on a mission: find every unwanted gift a home. It’s a bold challenge but we’ve been rehoming unwanted gifts since 2005 and firmly believe that with your help we can rid the Sri Lanka of unhappy lonely gifts, one lonely gift at a time.

Poor abandoned and unwanted gifts… speak up; you too can have your moment in the spotlight! Don’t spend eternity rotting in storage; find your home on angadi.com.lk. To learn more about this mission click here.

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