The phrase ‘Skype Interviews’ is pretty self-descriptive – video interviews held over Skype.

Video interviews are usually held by companies that don’t have a fixed location, those hiring candidates from different locations, companies looking to cut down on resources, or more recently, companies hiring in the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this blog, we will tell you the nuances of a Skype video interview, and all about how to nail one.

1 – Take it Seriously

2 – Greet the interviewer

3 – Prepare and practice

4 – Keep your CV and job application front of you

5 – keep your phone or computer notification in silent mode

6 – Keep your phone in full charge and test your internet connection

7 – Use a headset

8 – Dressed professionally

9 – Find a place with no disturbances

10 – Maintain good eye contact

11 – Answer professionally

12 – Research company background and about the company values and what a company looks for in a potential employee.

13 – Do not speak too fast listen carefully

14 – Smile while talking

15 – Take notes

16 – Align skills with the job description

17 – Prepare a list of question to ask

18 – Thank the interviewer

19 – Analyze the interview which will help you for the next interview

20 – Send a thank you emails

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