King Sangili II
Sangiliyan Thoppu

Among the important places to visit in Jaffna, this is definitely one. If you want to get the essence of the history of Jaffna then the existence of this Royal Palace can never be ignored. In the Nallur District, you can still get the view of the antique bathing pool and the remnant of the royal palace. You can definitely include this place among the top places to visit in Jaffna. This place holds the memory of the last Tamil King who ruled the Yarlpana Kingdom successfully. After visiting the Nallur Temple you can reach this place directly. From Jaffna town, you will get lots of private as well as public transport to reach this place.

Jaffna palace

The Jaffna Palace was significantly damaged during the Portuguese conquest of the Jaffna Kingdom. The fall of Cankili II, the last of the ruling dynasty at the hands of a 5000 men-strong Portuguese invaders inevitably meant the fall of the Jaffna Throne. Yamuna Eri, Cankili Thoppu archway, Ruins of foundation of the Cankilian Thoppu and Mantri Manai are few of the only remaining parts of the palace apart from several small monuments that dot the compound

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